flower girl

I screen printed today my flower girl from the sketches from my creative space, and this was the result...

I like the hands best and with the proofs and mishaps created whilst making this print ( ....the person who doesn't make a mistake doesn't make anything!.....honestly! ) ... I'm going to crop out the hands , I think they actually look better than the finished print!... it's good to experiment!

Before I set off to print this morning I was inspired by these classics,

eeeeee one day!


  1. Love all the multi layered coloured flowers :)

  2. i love the expression on her face, another gorgeous print x

  3. Actually I can imagine just the flowers and hands on a cushion, really beautiful. x

  4. That is sublime!!!! Nothing more to add :-)

  5. Certainly not out of place in that company, in my very humble opinion.

  6. Simply gorgeous. Great colours...perfect for this time of year.


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