Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

My kid's have always put things into families, Toys, pens, shoes. One is always the Mummy, one is a Daddy, then there's a big sister, little sister and a baby brother ( although not so baby now!)

I remember Sky once taking  2 cartons of juice up the stairs, as she walked the apple juice was the boy and the orange was the girl, they chatted... then kissed.... then by the top of the stairs they were married with imaginary baby juices!

All kinds of families is a celebration of this, and proof that all kids do this and everything belongs to a family!
 The text is a poem written by Mary Ann Hoberman and the gorgeous illustrations are by the fab Marc Boutavant ....enjoy...

Son & Sky love pouring over all the little details, just beautiful, well worth a look!


  1. It's such a wonderful book isn't it. Lucky for you your kids are as enchanted by it as you are...mine are not really feeling it, annoyingly. However, you have inspired me to leave it lying casually around the house again in the hope they will be lured...


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