Nathalie Lete

 A while ago I bought this beautiful bag from Lapin & Me. The art work decorating this bag is by ( you probably know!) Paris artist Nathalie Lete.

 I've had so many comments on this bag, how beautiful, colourful and unique it is. Lapin & Me sell a whole range of goodies by Nathalie Lete, oooo and it's so hard not to buy them all!! I love the cat brooch and the artists sketch pad.
Nathalie Lete's style's soooo beautiful and almost childlike ( or it reminds me of being a child ) and inocent and so talented! 
Here's more of Nathalies work at Lapin & Me,

and here's Nathalie painting wonderful shop windows. I could watch these all day! I find her so inspirational.

Have a wonderful weekend, hope it's fab, fun and sunny.


  1. lovely yellow notebook, sooo inspiring watching her paint away. i wonder if she would like to paint my window...hehe! x


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