ooooo arrr Jim Lad

Its been a bit mad here on the run up to the end of term. Disco's, pirate parties, school performances, summer fate, class parties .....  sports day next! 

We're desperately trying to find a holiday but it seems that there's no where for a family of 5 to go in the August holiday, all what's left the prices are just double, it's not fair!
So I've decided we're going here!...

 Ah happy memories! Have a great weekend!


  1. Oooh, ooh, i know somewhere you could friend (an artist) is renting her (3 bedroom and lovely) house out and has one week left...if you were interested in coming to Bridport (down on the South Coast in Dorset - Hugh Fearnly Whassisname country). Let me know and I'll email you a link to her website.

  2. Wonderful nostalgia - remember watching it!

    Camping is supposed to be the 'new thing'?? Or if you're into retro- what about Billy Butlins!

  3. ah happy memories indeed....I remember Cockleshell Bay!
    Good luck with the holiday hunt!


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