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I've been planning my next screen print for printing today, and decided to take this fabric collage I did called flower girl and turn it into a screen print.

My desk!, with reference, and this is the art works so far! with the help of this book, the flowers are coming along lovely in a 70's spira-graph kind of way!

Then I did this sketch, reading in the park which may be the starting point for another screen print or fabric collage?

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  1. Wow I just love your illustrations they have a naive softness and flow in them .keep on you are on the right Path; waiting to see how it will look at the end.

  2. I love the fabric collage, so beautiful! what a great idea

  3. So lovely...that never seems like enough to describe how your art work appeals to me :-)

  4. oh another fab sketch! it would make a lovely screen print ;0) x

  5. I have been ooohhing and ahhhing and wowing over your sketches, they are amazing. Am going to have to check out your etsy shop, I want!!


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