Runswick Bay

We are in full holiday mode!

Yesterday we spent the day at Runswick Bay, a totally unspoilt tiny dot of a seaside village with no amusements, no rides, and not even a fish and chip shop! ( just a little cafe selling home made cakes, scones, tea, hot chocolate and prawn sandwiches! Oh and ice cream of course!!) It's just a wonderful stretch of beach perfect for fossil hunting,

skimming pebbles, squelching ( ooo I love that word!) wet sand and collecting sea in a blue bucket.

digging holes,

sifting through pebbles,

jumping the tide,

being creative,

burying feet and

feeling the sand between your toes!

We then drove onto Robinhoods bay for Chish & Fips because it's the law when you've spent the day at the good 'ole British sea side! It was just great being a kid again on the beach and enjoying Lil, Sonny and Sky enjoy being kids too, 
it's a tonic!


  1. Gosh, Robin Hoods Bay, I rememember it well!

  2. That place looks perfect and I like to sound of Robin Hoods Bay!


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