the start of the summer hols....

dancing in the rain...

well it's tradition and so far it's rained on and off for a week now!

We've been walking the girls to a free weeks summer school at school of fun & sports which they love doing, but Son's too young, so we called for chocolate ice cream for breakfast for the walk back as you do...

Then podding peas (to go with that lovely summery dish of bangers & mash and Yorkshire puds!! go with the rain really!)

whilst watching my childhood favourite Bugsy Malone, which the kids absolutely love!
Sonny's walking around singing " so you wanna be a boxer" and Sky and Lil "my name is Tallulah!" 

They especially love the end!...

Not much personal creative work to show this week due to the hols, in fact I need to set a day aside to plan some work and book some time in the screen printing studio, in the meantime I'm enjoying my rainy time with kids.

We're going down to Oxford tomorrow to visit friends for the weekend
so have a very hap-pea smiley fab weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend! Yum pea-pods, my dad grows them I'll be raiding his allotment soon :)

  2. Love that Hap-pea Smile :-) Summer Hols are great aren't they, even in the rain!

    Loving those streets and your house!!

  3. Yorkshire pud! Haven't had that in years :)
    Love Bugsy Malone, I've got Savannah into too now!


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