hugging in the summer rain...

The rain came yesterday afternoon, it's been looming for days, sticky, close and dark clouds. 

The cynical side of me now says,
 " well that's that then, summer over, and as is British tradition when the kids break up from school next week it will cat & dog it down for the whole 6 weeks" 

But the positive half full side of me says, 
" it's just a break in this tropical summer we're having, and the plants needed it and when the kids break up it's going to be the bestest summer weather ever as Rihanna hasn't released a song about an umbrella ella ella" 

Looking out of the window today and the forecast for the rest of the week... my cynical side may be right!
These little fellas weren't bothered by the rain one bit,

I loved the two huddled up and the third seemed to be on watch, guarding them, although I'm no ornithologist ( you know the study of Ornith's.... a belter for the scrabble board!)

So inspired by the hugging, I sketched and laffed at live at the Apollo on the i-player.

I showed these guys but they weren't impressed!


  1. Poor things, raining on their first outing out of the nest, do you think? Luckily Mum is there to look out for them. Or is it Dad :-)

  2. I'm a bit partial to a summer downpour myself though realise that you are not quite sweltering through weeks of 40 degrees celsius plus. May the sun shine gloriously and those birdie types chirrup noisily...

  3. HOw cute are they?!!! And love your sketches! I do like a bit of hugging!! x

  4. this is a beautiful post - gorgeous photo and artwork - hope the sun comes back!

  5. They don't look impressed do they! Still after the rain, out comes all the worms so maybe their mum is teaching them to be patient?? :-)


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