Manchester City Art Gallery...

In the interactive gallery Lil & Son chose to draw a monster!
and they did an ace job!....

It was proudly displayed on the wall in the Gallery you can see it in the mirror!

The gallery it sooooooo kiddy friendly and really inspires them,
like putting yourself into a painting and the characters shoes...

or making your own landscape inspired by the works of art around you...

writing your name in objects...

writing and drawing your dream destination and tying it to a suitcase...


We had a fab time, we always do, and will be revisiting in the holidays!
China town is just round the corner so you can have a bowl of noodles after when your creatively exhausted! 
It's such a lovely family friendly gallery, there should be more!


  1. Need to put it my list of things to do in the holidays, looks brilliant!

  2. oh what a fantastic day out with lots of drawing with the kids and larking about. happy days! xx

  3. Oh Lisa, I do love visiting your blog - always so much fun stuff going on!

  4. That place looks amazing! Wish we had stuff like that here the kids would love it!


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