Fab Friday

I saw this on Flora's blog Happy Doodle Land  and loved it, it's amazing!
It takes a while to load up and tends to do that stop start jerky thing ( I know I know, I'm so technical, I even amaze myself) So I suggest you press play then go and make a cuppa and come back when you can watch it through without stops.
enjoy! Lil and Sky loved it!
Have a fab weekend, we're traveling down to Oxford for a belated Christmas catch up with friends... and hitting the homemade sloe-gin!! have a good one!:)


  1. Thanks for the link Lisa - that blew me away - beautiful stuff xx

  2. oh it's wonderful! thank you!

    By the way... by stop starting thing... do you mean when you have to wait for the red line to load on youtube before you can watch... you know when you get that round circle/flower thing on the screen telling it's time to wait?

    You can fix that you know? It's not got anything to do with the actual video.. it's about your internet connection. I watched it first time from start to finish with no stop starty at all. If you ring your internet provider.. you could probably get upgraded to a better speed for less than $10 a month... worth ringing to find out? Or you could ask around for quotes to see what's cheaper... would depend on whether you're locked into a contract?

    I use youtube all the time and that stop starty thing used to drive me crazy! And if you poor lovey have to go make a cuppa and then come back... well that would just make me pull my hair out... especially when I know I can have it much better and faster.

    If you get faster internet... believe me... you won't know yourself... your etsy life will be heaps faster too (when you upload your photo's & stuff).

    Faster internet was like a god send to me.

    Pip :)

  3. Faster Internet is good if you live in the big city.....we have to go and make a cup of tea as well :-) It WAS worth it, how lovely!

    Hope Oxford and the sloegins are good :-)

  4. Thanks guys! Thanks for the advice Pip, I will definitely look into it:)


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