first day back!...

Lil, Sonny & Sky are back at school today so this is my first day back in my studio, 
tidying, picking up loose ends, planning, to do list writing (one of my fave things to do... I have list of my lists! and love love love crossing finished tasks off! eeeee, small pleasures!!)

So, looking at my screen printing ideas list, I tackled the first few, planned a screen print based on the above artworks, a painting on an Aldi wooden breakfast board of Sky 
and the fabric 'Charmer'... charming the birds out of the tree's... which I'd love to say is based on me but is based on My lovely Lil ... and is going to be finished this millennium...... honest... well of course it is ... it's on a to do list!!!)
Here's the charmer screen print artworks,

and a few Valentines/luuurve  cards to print,

all ready for next Thursday.
It feel's good to be back! Hope you're having a positive creative start to your year :)


  1. Great stuff!

    i love to do lists too and have several hanging about, but they are all to keep me on track at the moment, minimal creative fun, no time...

    love your sketches xx


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