fab Friday...

(This print was in this lovely treasury that reminds me of sherbet Pips! remember those!)

Three fab things to do today....

1.   If you're in West Yorkshire and passing near Mirfield call in at the WYPW,
in the gallery today, tomorrow and Sunday there is a January sale, where all members sell hand made prints, cards, jewelry & textiles. 
Some of my prints and cards will be there along  with lovely work by...

 Claire Caulfield ( the lovely lady who taught me how to screen print!)

Emma Lawrenson who won the Flourish award for fab printing work,

and loads more very talented printers, so grab a piece of original art! (The Gallery times are on the website)

2. watch this, lovely lovely lady, a true inspiration :) Judith Kerr at the Guardian here. (after the Adele advert!)

3. and talking about Adele, another lovely lady, if you're a big fan like me watch this live lounge at Radio One here. Totally amazing! She has such an ace voice and a fab personality to match:) ( I wept a tear at the second song... I am a big softie though and very hormonal at the min!!)

now I'm off to play nurse to my little boy who's sick with a nasty tummy bug going around school (there's 16 off in Lil's class as well as the teacher!!) So it's 'Kung Foo Panda', picture books and cuddles!

Stay healthy and have a wonderful weekend!:)


  1. Great drawing - and I wish I sould go to the gallery -
    Have a nice weekend you.

  2. Adele was amazing!!!
    Hope the little one feels better soon, kyle has started with ear ache, poor little things :{


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