Happy Birthday Mum!!

My mum turns 60 tomorrow!! Wow!
She's now on a beach somewhere in the Canaries right now celebrating and not on Blackpool beach like the photo above with my Gran! (Look at my Gran's cool jumper!)

Hope it's as special as you,
much love for a fab year ahead xxxxx


  1. ahh..happy birthday to your ma! what lovely photographs :0) good old blackpool! {my mum's a lancashire lass & will be celebrating her birthday this month too! i may have to blog some snaps, not sure how happy she'll be when she finds out though ;D }

  2. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your generous giveaway parcel. I have only just opened it... you are such a kind person and a talent too! Sorry it has taken me so long... busy Christmas. I have just posted about it on my blog... Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to your mum! LOu x

  3. we have pics like this of blackpool - them twer days ;o)
    - what a cool hair do your gran has too bet your mum's glad she not on B'pool beach - here's to lots of happy years ahead for your mum x

  4. Happy Birthday to your mum :-) My family has photos just like that but of Brighton...it could be my gran and my mum!

  5. Hallo! I LOVE the top photo, what a beautiful and glamorous mum, happy birthday to her :)


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