Hope you had a great weekend!

Last year I painted the above design and screen printed the design below for Marks and Spencer blank card range. These designs have been made into a 'Keepsake' card with a board mount so the card is ready to frame! great!! 

Unfortunately my name & bio hasn't been printed on the back which I thought it be, 
so, keep your eyes peeled for these designs in your local M&S!!

We had a wonderful time in Oxford and stayed up really late putting the world to rights and drinking sloe gin!! and Sonny found a fellow stick boy!! boys and their sticks!!
Have a great week:)


  1. oh your designs are so pretty and fun; drat your name wasn't printed on the back grr! We had your Bird Hair Day print in at Nest..but not for long! x

  2. Gorgeous! How exciting they've been made into keepsake cards, they certainly are worthy of a spot on the wall! LOVE the Bird Hair Day design :D

  3. Ooohh! looking forward to spotting these! ;)

  4. Lovely!! annoying about your name!! But they are so lovely!! x

  5. disappointing for you about the name I'm sure. They look great though! I'll be looking out for them!
    Oh and I love to see boys playing with sticks! Such a boy thing!

  6. Def be looking out for Bird hair day, I am having one of those today and love the colours x

  7. How fantastic... so well deserved for your stuff to be published with such a reputable company... huge congrats to you Lisa.

    In response to you about NY...
    I just wanted to say ...I so hope you get there... I'm jealous that you're going to get there waay before I do :) I can't wait to see you blog posts all about it. ♥
    My fingers and toes are crossed for you.

    By the way... do you have one of those blonk link things cause I'd love to show yours on mine.
    Pip :)

  8. blonk link??? Where's my head at... or should I say fingers :) Blog link I meant to say.

  9. those naughty rotten publishing types always skipping on the the who done it!!!! Don't get me started...

    They look brilliant! Bird hair day is a fave that we have had at the studio

  10. I spotted the bird hair one today ;) look fab!! good idea too a keepsake!!
    rotten m&S for not putting your name on, they should be proud it's British designed!
    lovely work x

  11. These are terrific!
    What a pitty that they don't arrive to H&M in Spain :-(

    Wonderful works!



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