a glimpse into the future...

I've posted this before, but I thought it was definitely worth sharing again after the last post about kids and technology.
Sonny's first words when he got into the car after school was 
"it's not a 'no screens day' today is it Mummy?" 
and when I said, no, he punched the air and said 
that wasn't what I had in mind!
But he knows no different, and when you watch this film you can see how amazing it must be to be a part of the changes.
Have an excellent weekend!:)
by Skyla.... drawn on the computer!


  1. Just watched the video and wow crazy stuff!! If I see a newspaper that does that in my lifetime I will indeed be v impressed also Skyla pic is brill, I like the composition.
    A brill post, have a fab wkend!! :)


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