Fab Friday

I screen printed some valentines/ i love you / thanks for being fab cards yesterday, 
which are here and here :)
I wonder if she's thinking "fwaaar, he's a bit of alright I'll act all shy and coy"
or " I hope this bird doesn't sh*t on my head!"
Don't think it's the latter, although my lovely gran always says "sh*t and luck!", and made me pick her numbers for her pools coupons when a bird pooed on my duffel coat when I was a kid ( not the other day!!)..... I didn't feel very lucky......and the numbers didn't come up as far as I remember!
On that lovely vision.....Have a fabulous weekend:)


  1. That post made me laugh out loud! I love the cards, especially the scalloped edge! Have a great weekend yourself!

  2. Hah, too funny! Love this card and the scalloped edges are a way nice touch.


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