Robbie Burns...

We have a wee Burns supper every year and this year we had it on Sunday. 

Today is actually Robert Burns' Birthday.

We had a fun time with fab friends, 
there was haggis, neeps & tatties, short bread, Cranachan, and whisky cake. 
A wee dram when the lads did the ode to the haggis... in dodgy but funny Scottish accents,
 more whisky for the toast to the lasses...
and then more for the toast to the lads... 
which was a funny limerick made up quickly by lovely Janet that went something like....

raise ya wee glass to the lads
as wild as the heather
and brave of heart,
but watch they don't eat too much haggis
otherwise they're just gonna fart!!

yes, it was a classy doo, 
as 18 kids ran round the house high on Iron Bru and mac-rocky-road! while the adults made up cheeky poems, hid their haggis in plant pots and drank whisky!

Chris had set the ipod to play Rod Stuart, Bagpipe music and the Proclaimers.... but Skyla was having none of it and took it into her bedroom to have a disco to Pixie Lott!... thank goodness really, I think there's only so much "I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more" a girl can take!

Happy Burns night to anyone celebrating, hope you have a laff and don't eat too much haggis or else!


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