I was doing some research for work today on the wonderful ( heaven sent) Print & pattern site and found one of my Christmas cards from my Etsy shop on there! wow, flattered! fab!

And I've also opened a Folksy shop, a UK version of Etsy, so double fab!


( Is 'fab' a really un cool 30 something mumsy thing to say? I say it a lot, Lil says 'awsome', 'cool' and 'wicked' so I'm ok to have my words of 'fab', 'ace' and 'brill!'....arn't I? )


  1. Excellent, being eyeballed on Print and Pattern! I bet you are really Jazzed! -

    Wait until you hit 40...it gets harder to tell cool from not!
    Michele x x

    P.S. Seriously...Congratulations being on P+P and starting Folksy!


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