'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

...well last week actually! With all the snow and ice disruption we read lots of picture books , but this was Sonny's fave, Man on the Moon ( a day in the life of Bob) by Simon Barton. published by templar.

The illustrations are amazing, bold and bright and full of detail which Sonny loved, especially finding the aliens in each picture and the twist at the end as Bob is blissfully unaware of the aliens!!

I like the idea of Bob vac-ing up all the litter left behind by astronauts!
After we read the book we used it to inspire us to create our own aliens with play dough, pens & paper and collage...too many to show you...

We listened to the audio CD that came with the book to carry on inspiring us as we drew, read by Simon Bartram.
The kids loved this alien morning and I love how a picture book can inspire and spark off new creations and role play....guess who had to be the alien with a wobbly eye bindi stuck to her forehead!

More fab books of the week here.


  1. What a great, fun idea - and what lucky kids having such a creative mum!

  2. the green monsters are better than alien. fab. love g.didi

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