snow, snow and a bit more snow...

School was closed yesterday and today because of all the snow that has hit us! As a country we are never prepared and everything goes into chaos, not enough grit, salt...gas!! ( believe it or not!) buses, trains & planes grind to a halt and everyone abandons cars to opt for trudging home.

It's the worst winter for 30 years, with forecast for more to come, up to 40cm in some parts!
Lil measured 7inches at this point yesterday, by the end of the day she measured 14 inches in some untouched parts of the garden!

This is how I remember winters when I was a kid,

despite disruption and problems the snow brings to a lot of people, for me I love how it slows us down.

The quietness and stillness, the squeaky scrunch under your boots and the beauty of the landscape.
As the sun came over the back of our house and tinged the tops of the hills with luminous pink light, it looked magic, like we lived on the moon and that with the still silence made it a breath taking minute ...
... before the word MUUUUUM was shouted from another room!!


  1. Sounds lovely Lisa, magical landscape indeed!
    I love your new banner too, how cute is that bear with his zip up top!
    With much love
    Chele xx
    Keep snuggly warm!


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