melt down...

All the snow and ice has disappeared!
...and after a lovely couple of weeks of extended holidays, baking, painting, chalking, playing schools, pirates and milk floats ( don't ask!) making laser guns with pop bottles , sticky tape and buttons - ( I liked this game with Agent Lil 0010, Agent Son 004, Agent Sky 007 and Agent Mum 0038.....not so keen on my title though!)

So yeah after all this, we're back to normality ( well as normal as it can get in our house! )

The kids are all at school.....ok a weeks work to catch up on which was made harder as I've had no Internet connection Since Thursday night!

So when I did log on ( I always think this sounds very wrong)
I found out I was awarded a sunshine blog award! by my fab talented friend Tanya at V for Violet!
Wow Thank you!

I now have to pick 12 blogs I love and award them the sunshine blog award, which is impossible, I can't! I love so many for so many different reasons, - inspiration, sewing, crafting, children's books, printing, painting, ......oooooo I didn't realise how many blogs I read!!!

So I award this to all the blogs in my side bar, all the blogs in my book marks ( lots!) and all the fab blogs that have left comments on my blog, And massive thanks to Tanya for nominating me! I'm honored!xx So feel free to take this award and paste on your blog as a bit of sunshine from Lil Sonny Sky x

I Also want to say a massive thanks to our wonderful friends Ana & Rich, who had all 3 of our children for a sleep over on Saturday night! the first time in....well ....years!!
We had a lovely child free 24 hours! we were able to finish conversations, make cups of tea and actually drink them all and not leave them to go cold, go out for a meal and not have to take some one to the toilet or play hang man ( Chris is fully toilet trained now and is rubbish at hang man!) and yeah, just appreciate a bit of space, Thank you fab lovely special friends xxx


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