Lily Bee...

A while ago I did this post on my aspirations of becoming a children's picture book illustrator and the book Lily Bee that my friend Tanya wrote and I illustrated.

Well the other day I decided to have a go at creating Lily Bee in felt as a fabric illustration, I sketched it out and used some fabric I printed a photo onto of some dog roses in the summer....

I wasn't happy with it, it was too graphic, too planned and didn't have the character that the rough pencil sketch had, because of my commercial background I find it really hard just to draw and create for me, without trying to please a marketing criteria! So I discarded this and started just snipping at the remnants that were left on my desk ,

a very organic process started, almost childlike, it didn't matter what the outcome was I was just enjoying the process of making something out of the bits on my desk and ended up with this...

...a Lily Bee collecting pollen beads!

I loved creating this illustration, and think I have got my Lily Bee character!
I'm going to work on some more, and animate her into different situations? What do you think? Would love to know which you prefer and if you've ever just created anything almost by accident!?


  1. I think they are both cute, but the second one has a quality that is more unique - less like something that could be bought in a shop - if that makes sense. Love the whimsy - I want more time for this kind of thing! nic xx

  2. very cute, I can see a whole book of fabric illustrations!

  3. Hi! I came to your blog via your Printsy interview and have really enjoyed looking through all your art - beautiful work. I shall be popping by again :)

  4. i adore them both, too, but i think that i prefer the feel of the second one (how can one go wrong with linen?!), although i do love lilybee's face in the first. i would lovelovelove to see more of her...especially as i have a lily (in this case, a lilygoose)myself.


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