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The inspirational Kootoyoo is back with My creative space sharing creative spaces from all around the world and the passion, imagination and wonder on them! Join in!

My creative space has been a big clear up, packaging and cello wrapping all spare prints, a 2010 spring clean, sorting out the old to make way for the new!

It's for the WYPW ( where I go screen printing) January sale where all members clear out their drawers and have the opportunity to sell work at a reduced price to make way for new creations!

If you're in the Mirfield area on Friday, Saturday or Sunday pop in, they'll be all kinds of hand created prints from lino cuts to etchings, well worth bagging a bargain and supporting local artists.

It's been quite therapeutic for me as I haven't even been screen printing a year , so when all my screen printing work is collected together I'm amazed at how much I've managed to do in spare time between work and family, very uplifting!

And now I'm going to spend a sneaky hour working on the colour separations on these new screen prints I'm going into the studio to do next week.

The heads are very seed or egg like which maybe is a sign I'm ready for spring now, light mornings, light nights and some spring green and fresh yellows! I might call these my spring girls...well it's better than egg heads!!
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  1. Oooh I wish I could go to your sale and see your studio - it sounds wonderful! We'll be over your way in December - maybe, just maybe I'll be able to swing by? Love the seed girls to! Nic

  2. What a productive year for you. I love your style. Great prints!

  3. I just super love the "new". Wonderful.

  4. wau! - great stuff - love the girls

  5. I just love your new print with the lady and the bird. The colours remind me of gelati yum I will have to tell Carly!

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