Short back and sides...

The head pets got the better of me, so as soon as I couldn't find any more I took Sonny down to the barbers.

I wish I'd had my camera with me, I normally do but I'd left it by my mac, but he looked great sat in the barbers chair on a special booster with the cape on.

" So what are we doing then?" the barber asked, and the words..."short, back and sides" left my lips.
I never thought I'd cut my little boys hair short, his gorgeous baby blond locks, but the thought of zapping nits...then counting their legs in the magnifying bug jar made those words come out,

he walked into the barbers a baby boy...

and walked out a lad!
And look at those taxi doors! he has ears! and they glow up in the sun!! he has the biggest caw-flick at the front too,
but, all in all, we love the new look Sonny!

eeee .... butter wouldn't melt!!


  1. Ah, Lise!!!!! He looks so gorgeous!!! What a sweetie. xx

  2. Sonny looks SO grown up all of a sudden, what a cute little man!
    Michele x

  3. mananged to pull myself away from the animals and hospital life and enjoy some tranquil blog reading. How cute does soony look! im going to carry on reading got lots of catching up to do.x


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