Hiya 2010!!

Happy new year!

Hope you've had a fab Christmas and a wonderful start to 2010!

When I left my last post of the year with 'let it snow' I wasn't kidding!

We've had a wonderful white Christmas!
The snows so great...when you're on holiday, log fire roaring, selection box at one side, large glass of vino at the other, magic!

lovely wintry walks, with cold crisp fresh air (...looks a bit too crisp for Chris on this pic!...I'm not doing anything to him honest, my hands are in my pockets!)

New Year was spent with a big gang of mates in the tiny East Coast seaside town of Robin Hoods Bay, so pretty. We ate Chish n Fips, had a party, set off Chinese paper lanterns (nearly setting fire to passing tree's!) had a day in Whitby, it was great! We all nearly got snowed in when it was time to home,

the British seaside is so much better in the winter time, and so much prettier.

So wishing everyone a fab fun healthy year, hope it's a good 'en !x


  1. Looks so fantastic! Happy New Year to you too Lisa! x

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!
    Love the wintry seaside! Let's make 2010 a good 'un!! xx


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