Eeeee, it's like living in a winter wonderland, every thing feels like it's in slow motion.... including me!

I can't seem to get back into gear, still feels like the hols, another day off school today for the kids, the roads were just too bad.
I still managed to work though... I used Space Chimps and the last selection box as my trump card to keep them quiet for a while ( in between street dancing to Pixie Lot, building castle dens and playing schools!!)

the snow makes everything so pretty,

Castle den with a giant having tea!

And yes I have cut Sonny's hair...I did the really bad mum thing, grabbing the kitchen scissors and just snipping till it looked looks like a lego man clip on wig!
well we've had a rather large plague of head pets ( well nits, but head pets sounds much better for little ones, my friend told me that)
It's Skyla they love best, her hairs like Disney land for the head pets! I sat her in the bath and pulled out over a hundred... and I'm not convinced they've all gone! ( ooo why do you start scratching your head as soon as you mension head pets?!) We're conditioning every other night...such a when will it end! the little blighters!


  1. What I wouldn't give for a bit of snow right now - it's soooooooo hot in Melbourne! Beautiful pics. Nic

  2. Hey how are you? love the snow photo's, it looks like a fairy wonderland. We're sweating it out here in Australia, bit of a heat wave happening. Bit of a lice plague too. Damn things. I just finish getting rid of them from one head and they start on another. I have found one natural product that actually works but it's all the follow up treatment that sucks, and then it only takes ONE and they're back with a vengeance! good luck with yours xo


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