The big freeze continues, after lots of thawing yesterday, it dropped to -3 last night so we woke up to roads that are black sheet ice and everything covered in smooth shiny lethal glassy ice!

Not good, schools closed again, too dangerous to drive to, so I'm playing scools at home again!

The good news is, I'm featured on this weeks Printsy! fab!....I mean cool! fact freezing!
Anyone reading who's suffering with the ice and lack of grit, please stay safe and warm x


  1. Im not sure how I would cope with that kind of cold although I keep dreaming that it would be wonderful after the multiple days of over 40 degrees here. Congrats on the feature.
    You try and stay warm and I'll try to stay cool...crazy weather!

  2. Yay!!! How cool is that!!!! Well done you!
    And I wish this ice would go away!! x

  3. Sun has been given its orders,heats on the way!

  4. Oh, yes, and I have given you an award!!!!!!!!!!!!! You thoroughly deserve it! xxx Pop by my blog and collect it!! x


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