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We're having  a cracking summer so far!

 I know I shouldn't say that, I'm probably tempting fate, and in a couple of days time I'll be reporting torrential rain! 
BUT for now it's just too lovely to be indoors! so I keep bobbing out and enjoying the view of black hill.

Works quiet at the mo, so I'm getting on top of housey things and having one of my mad studio clear outs, ruthlessly binning hoarded paper and sketches of nothingness. I find it very therapeutic and I'm in the mood for out with the old and wipe the slate clean. I love change.

I found this old portrait I drew of Lil having a piggyback with Chris, I revamped it a little and plan to frame it for the girls bed room. It's different from the style of my latest piggy back print.

Lil was so content on Chris's back and while he walked and talked she just daydreamed and eventually nodded off to sleep!

I miss painting in this style and plan to do some portrait work in the summer hols of the kids. 

Do you know, I've never done Sonny's portrait in this style. 
When I had Lil I recorded everything, photographed and videoed every moment, smile, sneeze, poo, everything! With Sky not so much as time didn't allow because I was busy with Lil and jugging the two. Then when Son came along he just got whirl winded around in his babygro with the girls, in between rushing to school, dance & swimming. His routine was already set by one and two, not much spare time to sit and wallow in lovely mile stone moments. Not fair I know. but Son doesn't mind. 

It's made him who he is, and his sociable confident character, older than his years, is due to this. So it's all good!
While I carry on my clear out, see more creative spaces at KOOTOYOO.


  1. Wow that view is to die for! And that portrait is divine! You are very talented :)

  2. Oh my word, the portrait is just wonderful. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts - I do believe rain is on the way!

  3. beautiful nail polish color! Love your artwork, Lisa!
    Btw, thanks for the cards (runner up winner) which you sent few weeks ago. Just been very busy with my girl since, is my first time having my own time participating MCS ! :D

  4. Gorgeous painting - the eyes are perfect! Glad your summer is lovely!

  5. wow wee lisa your painting is amazing!!! x

  6. poor subsequent children ... but perhaps they're happier because we obsess less over them? I don't know!
    My Creative Space

  7. I'm in love with your blog!I prepared an award for you :D You can pick it up here:

  8. That is a gorgeous are so talented! You have captured that moment perfectly....Love it!


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