The best pick-me-up ever!

I was slogging through paper work today catching up on all I ignored over Christmas
 when this lovely e-mail was in my inbox! I love how kids make e-mails so bright and fun,
it really made my day!... what made yours?


  1. my little one pinched my sticky notes tonight after school and wrote I love you mummy in a rainbow of colours all over my workspace ;)

  2. what would the world be with children... I can't even entertain the thought! that's so beautiful. I love it when my little guy comes in with a tiny little daisy from the garden and says... "this is for you Mummy". I tell his Daddy he could learn a few things from his son! LOL!

  3. Kids show love in the best ways don't they. My youngest is a professional cuddler, and my eldest always comes flying out of school, half knocking me over she's so pleased to see me!


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