'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

I've just finished reading this old very well loved book to Sonny, for the millionth time, 11 years of reading this book!
I remember there was a point I could read it with my eye's shut! 
Owl Babies by Martin Waddell who wrote so many of our other faves like 'Farmer Duck', 'Can't you sleep little bear' and 'Pig in the Pond' ( I bet every child's book case has at least one Marin Waddell book in it! ) Illustrated by Patrick Benson who has such a beautiful sensitive textured pen and ink style, so atmospheric, he also illustrated these books, lovely!

When we read it we replace the names of the 3 owls from Sarah, Percy and Bill to Lily, Skyla and Sonny which Sonny especially loves and really relates the book as our family. 

This is a beautiful timeless Classic, which all my kids have loved and still love.
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You see,
I think it's important to champion children's picture books in this generation of computer screens, DSI, mobile phone's, ipod, all amazing and exciting and part of my children's daily life. 
They are techno naturals! 
we have NO SCREENS DAY!! on a Monday and a Thursday ....Oh yes I can lay the law down!... only books, drawing, jigsaws, and games on these days! Maybe as they get older I'll be fighting a loosing battle, and I do love technology and embrace it all ( with an amazed glazed look!) 
call me 'ole fashioned, I feel modelling with play dough and routing through the big Lego box for a 
'two-er' to complete the castle are just as important as playing Super Mario and looking up Glee on 
You Tube!!

Anyways I'm waffling,
let me know if you agree:)


  1. Definitely agree! We all love this book too (I want my mummy!)
    BTW, I keep playing that YouTube piece over and over! Have completely fallen in love with the music, so thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree....what a really great idea!!

  3. *waving hands in the air* hehe! totally agree with you :D children these days should be encouraged to use their imaginations & 'play' more. so more books & building camps is what i say ;) x

  4. Great idea - can't beat a good rummage through the lego - love the Owl Babies here too :)

  5. Super entry, I will def be checking out the book as that is the kind of recommendation that HAS to be trusted and also very inspired by your no screen days, brill thanks :) XXX

  6. absolutely!!!! couldn't agree more .. and that's just starting with Martin, we love Owl Babies at home and at the studio... it is a staple for print making class... even though its pen it has such a beautiful cut/etchy warmth. And we also use it when we have a few newbies in class who might be wondering why mummy left them with... the crazy art lady.... for a cuppa.

  7. Oh I love this book too... so beautifully written. I don't think people realise how incredibly hard it is to write a simple and well written kids book.

    And I completely agree... although sometimes i feel I'm losing the battle with my boy a bit... but i keep slogging :)

    Pip x

  8. My daughter is two and she loves this book also! x

  9. Couldn't agree more, lost the battle with my two teens! they grow up too quick too soon!
    Ther'es so many lovely books, hope they never bring home an ebook from the school library, I'd freek ;)


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