Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week

I found this book via Beth Gunnell's lovely blog Beth doodles, when she wrote this post.
A Walk in New York by Salvatore Rubbino, is about a dad and his son's day out in New York.

The illustrations are wonderful, in a muted colour palette and have a busy energy about them...just like New York!
They remind me of two of my hero's, Quentin Blake and Miroslav Sasek ( who also created a book on new York, 'This is New York')

So far I've read this book to Sonny and Skyla and they loved people watching, lots of clever details, this teemed with lots of little facts scattered around the illustrations such as
" The library lions are called PATIENCE and FORTITUDE. They're made of pink marble from Tennessee."

"Only dogs you can carry (not including hot dogs!) are allowed inside Macy's store."

We have a special interest in all things New York. Chris and I went there the year before Lil was born.

We saved up all year to go and flew in December to get the Christmas atmosphere, IT WAS FANTASTIC!
One of the best places I've ever visited.
We planned a busy schedule to fit everything in and got an early morning call not waste much time sleeping. On the last day when we got the call and I jumped out of bed and my legs gave way underneath me and I fell flat onto the floor in a slap stick stylie! Chris couldn't stop laughing!

Anyways, I promised I'd take the kids there for my 40th so we now have a 2 year saving plan. A £1000 savings tube, only £1 & £2 coins are allowed in and paper money, not monopoly! The girls have put tooth fairy monies in, Christmas monies in and sold show tickets (to us) and put on a dance show to Avril Lavine! while the monies went to the New York fund!

This book is a great insight and reference for the kids.....eeeee can't wait to take them!!


  1. thanks for the links Lisa! So glad the book is going down well...good luck with the saving for a NYC trip!
    I save for my holidays in a money box too...its surprising how quickly these coins mount up!

  2. Have just been to NY between Christmas and New Year - a fantastic, vibrant city. I can thoroughly recommend the Hotel Metro. Ideally located (& great buffet breakfasts!). Oh, and go for the city pass - a bargain!!

  3. Lovely post - a bit of everything here. The book looks fun, reminds me of Sasek's work. Love the idea that you're all saving as a family. I want to go back to Sweden with my family...

  4. Love the book. Illustrations are divine. I remember the taxis looking just like that after having too many martini cocktails in those cool New York bars. I have a dream to go back too. Would be a very different experience with 2 kids...not so many martinis allowed!!!

  5. I saw a flash of NY in your "You Might Also Like" section and just had to look.

    I love that you do this on your blog... I am a total book fiend! I have spent years collecting the very best & classic kids children's illustrated picture books for my... ahem... son! :) (not me... no!)
    I've thought about putting them on my blog before and today you've inspired me to actually do the same.. so I'm going to highlight my faves and newbies I find.
    Can't wait to see more of yours.... it can be like a mini picture story book club ;)


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