Thursday, 19 November 2009

My creative space...

My desk started looking like this, as the back page stamps dried on my screen printed Christmas cards,

Then like this, (sorry for funny angle on photo!) as I sorted out loose ends, putting screen prints in my Etsy shop and generally sorting before I start a new project...

A fabric art I finished 'High on life' and then some sheets of fabric copy paper from here as I plan to sew my little butterflys on some photographs I took last summer on walks with the kids...

These are the photo's I've transfered onto fabric and plan to sew on as a little experiment!

See more creative spaces at the lovely Kootoyoo.
Also, I plan to do a screen print Christmas give away this monday, so call back for a chance to win a Christmas pressie from 'Lil Sonny Sky!


  1. What beautiful and varied creativity going on in your space!

  2. Lovely post - the christmas cards are really nice!

  3. The 'joy' prints are popping out at me, I love them! That bird just makes it. I popped over to etsy to see if you're selling them... can I buy some? xx g

  4. Love your Christmas baubles card & the high on life too.