Amazing Marrakech!!

Oh wow!

I've been blown away by how amaaaaaazingly fab Marrakech is, I can't believe I've been!

It's everything I expected it to be and then some,
I'm not kidding when I say it was like being on the set of Indiana Jones!
I felt like a little kid so naive, scared, excited, in ore and that I'd just flown to another world and I love every blinking Minute of it!

We had such a laugh too...mainly at my expense!
The first day we came out into the court yard for breakfast, there were tortoises crawling on the floor which I hadn't noticed and then let out a yelp of shock when I saw them which stopped everyone in there tracks...all eyes on me!
Al was just laughing, then the waiter came over to see if I'm ok.
Now, everyone speaks french in Marrakech and my year 3 french is very rusty to say the least, so I said to the waiter when he came over,

" OOOOOOOOoooo tortoise!, Hola! Hola, j'ai ma'pelle tortoise? j'ai ma 'pelle tortoise George? j'ai ma' pelle tortoise Fred?"

...he looked at me like I was mad, My friend Al whose french is considerably better than mine was crying laughing trying to catch her breath and French guests were sniggering into their breakfast!
I'd said Hello in Spanish followed by " my name is tortoise, my name is tortoise George? my name is tortoise Fred?"

.....and that's just a small example of how the laughter started on the holiday!! ( how embarrassing!!....more to follow!)

But yeah, I'm going to bore you this week with photo's that just don't give it justice at all!

You need the noises , snake charmers trumpets, prayers out on loud speakers from the Mosques (which first stars at 5 every morning!) people haggling and bartering.
The strong smells of Jasmine, joss sticks, spices and leather and the gorgeous sunshine on your skin. ( which quite frankly after the winter we've had and just generally living in Yorkshire which has 6 weeks of sunshine a year...if you're lucky , is total heaven)
ooooooh it was wonderful! Such a tonic, Can't wait to share more photo's. If you're ever thinking of going DO! it's ace, I'll stop gushing now...but it was soooo fab, an amazing experience I want to repeate, just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Oh wonderful! Somewhere I've always wanted to go and will do eventually. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, can't wait to see more.

  2. I love the photos, pity they don't have sound and smell, it looks like a real treat. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Oh I am totally envious! Eat well, all those lovely spices...more photos pretty please!!! Lucky Duck!

  4. Sold to the lady in the drizzly-wet-Monday-afternoon-grump. God that looks/sounds exotic and exciting. I really could do with some of that.

  5. Wow(!), you've been and come back in the short time I've been plagued by laptop gremlins and unable to follow your blog - the world really is getting smaller and smaller. Sounds like a fabulous place - must try and get there one day.
    Many thanks for your kind feedback over at etsy.

  6. Looks fabulous Lisa. Nice pics. Glad you had a fab time

  7. Ah this is brilliant to read....we're going early december for a long weekend and I can't wait!! I've never been and from all reports I've seen I think I'll love it! Would you recommend the Riad you stayed in? I was spoilt for choice as they all look so great so still haven't made a decision!


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