Fab Friday...

You probably already know about the wonderful shop Clothkits, well they have loads of new items, including a gorgeous felt range, Liberty bias bindings in the Haberdashery , as well as...

lots of wonderful designs by Jane Foster....how gorgeous are these!?...

and my faves are skirts designed by lovely Rob Ryan (below) and the fab design by 'People will always need plates', that can be bought as kits for you to sew or if you're like me and don't posses a sewing machine or the skills, the skirts can be bought already made up for you!

It's well worth checking out this fab Friday!
Have a great weekend and fab Mother's day


  1. Hi Lisa, I have been trying to comment on emma's blog 'the handmade amoeba' but the word verification thing never works for me, so I can't leave a comment...and then I saw you commented...and can't work out if there's something wrong with the word verification ...or me!HELP!...also love the link to clothkits.

  2. Oooh, must have Liberty bias binding!!
    Not sure how to sew with it but it so cute will learn. Or just leave it lying around to admire.
    But which colour? hmmm
    (pssst, thanks for your lovely comment)

  3. Have a great weekend and enjoy Mother's Day, it's later on in the year in France :)

  4. Hi Lisa, thanks for your message passing on Trixi's comment - I'll test it myself just to see what's happening and I'll leave a message with Trixi. :)

    Wow these clothkits pics take me back (esp. those dungarees) - I remember my mum making some of their kits back in the 1970s.. we had a huge parrot softie from them that sat at the bottom of the stairs for years, and I think she still has it. Their prints were/are so colourful - I'm glad they've brought them back to life again, though I've yet to have a go at making anything.

    I have also got to get me some of that liberty binding!

    Have a great Mother's Day x

  5. Hi Lisa...me again...I clicked on word verification and the little box poped up and I typed the word in and... I'm stuck at this point...the post comment box isn't there...what now??...thanks for your help...have a lovely day...regards from Sydney.

  6. the skirts look really interesting ... arty, funky and practical all at the same time.


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