Sky blue...

I've had a fab day screen printing a few of my idea's, and loved every Minuit of the process.

I feel so happy and positive about my work at the min, and on a bit of a creative high! Ace!
The sun was shining and the elbow grease flowing on my little production line today!

and here's my little dreamy Sky! The yellow is actually Ochre, the scan has made it a bit day-glo so I'll take better photo's tomorrow. I might also add a little rosie cheek on some! Skyla loves it but said that her Teddy didn't really look like that one much!! such an art critique at 7!

This is Lil listening to her baby brother's heart song!
Hope you've had a lovely creative day too!


  1. Wow, these prints have turned out really well. I think they look fantastic!

  2. They're really lovely, Lise xxxx

  3. Your picture of Lil and her baby brothers heart song is perfect! Just says it all :-) Jenni

  4. Aww these are so sweet and that beautiful blue looks good enough to eat. I'm so happy you had such a special creative happy day we all need those!


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