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I took a break today from work and screen printing for a date in Manchester with my better half.

I'm a city girl at heart and even though I'm surrounded by green open spaces and clean fresh country air, I love the urban landscape much better, watching the people ( people watching being my favourite sport! I'm gold medal winner at it!) the hustle & bustle the good the bad and & ugly, the details...

Victoria station loo tile,

metal windmills around the big wheel.

The modern mixed with...

...the old.
The shops, cafes theatre etc, I just love it!

Did I mention the fab shops? this is Magma recommended to me by my friend Geraldine. It has some fantastic art books in well worth a visit if you're in Manchester.

So after a creative shopping break and a quick lunch and vino blanko thrown in I'm all ready to return to my usual creative space tomorrow to start a new project!!
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  1. I was in Manchester last August wandering aimlessly through the city having no idea what to do ... now at least I have someone to ask besides my aunt who had no idea. have a great day

  2. What a gorgeous day you had! Love your big city shots.

  3. Beautiful day and super cool buildings....

  4. great pics, thanks for sharing them. sounds like a lovely break


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