My creative head space...

My actual creative space is full of the bread and butter work which I can't show you till it is published, maybe at the end of this year! rubbish I know, it's because you have to work a billion years in advance...

So this is what's happening in the little bit of creative space between my ears, it's squished next to the 'what am I gonna make for tea' space and above the 'must get round to cleaning the windows now the sunshine has appeared but would rather do something else' space!

The pic above is a test print for Spring girl 2 on top of a test print for sweet dreams, and I thought how lovely it accidentally looked. I then thought it might look nice as a Japanese Spring girl? with lotus blossom ? baby blue, white and bubblegum pink? inspired by these canvases that hang in our bed room...

I like the colours on this one.
It also made me think of a book, shared by the fab Loobylu blog awhile ago, which I thought looked wonderful, saved up for and treated myself to!...

It was well worth the wait and the monies as it's packed full of inspiration for my screen printing...

such beautiful imagery and graphics.
So this Spring girl 2 ( which made it in Printsy of the week! ) may progress to another experimental print before I leave the spring dabbling and look at turning to the pile of sketches on my desk.
I want to do a little print for the girls bedroom, inspired by my sleepy skyla!...who loves her sleep and can sleep on a rope...unlike her brother and sister!

So thats whats in my creative head space, that and Johnny Depp after watching this interveiw on BBC iplayer on Jonathan Ross's Friday night show...he's so cool ....but we won't go into that creative space!!!

So make a cuppa and check out more creative spaces at the lovely Kootoyoo.


  1. Spring girl 2 is lovely - the little bird is wonderful and the colourful circles really make it. Congrats on Printsy too! Nic

  2. Awww...I love the dreamy Skyla.

  3. Love Spring Girl 2 - she's really come out beautifully :) I have one of those antique Shanghai Ladies prints as well - the colours are amazing on them, aren't they? Great space! K

  4. Congrats on the Printsy from me too! Must be v excited! Always like your work btw! :)

  5. congrats on the printsy honour. so great to have your hard work recognised. love spring girl 2. she looks like she has a secret. and sleepy sykla oh

  6. Brilliant lisa!! you must be chuffed about printsy. Lovely print for the girls and I know what you mean about Johnny!!

  7. Just love all your spring girls, they are inspirational. WELL DONE. G didi

  8. Cannot wait to see your last drawing all printed up its so sweet and a beautiful present for your daughter!


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