Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

This beautiful book My Friend, by Beatrice Alemagna, published by North-South books ,
is a wonderfully simple story with a simple message complemented with hand stitched illustrations that are both inspiring and engaging.

The detailed stitching and use of fabric, buttons and lace kept Skyla looking for such a long time , they seem very real and Skyla asked if she could sew another picture like this one, so they inspire Sky as well as me!

The message in the story is very similar to Bugs in a blanket ( see more here) another beautiful Beatrice Alemagna book. The message being, It doesn't matter what you look like, we're all different and that should be celebrated.
We have another book illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna by Claude Roy, L'enfant qu'on envoie se coucher......which I have no idea what the title says as it's all in French, and my year 3 french doesn't serve me well unless I want to buy a ham sandwich or ask where the bank is, but the words aside, the illustrations are gorgeous, so accessible and real.

You can buy Beatrice Alemagna's books here,
check out her website here to see more of her innovative work.
There's also a lovely interview at Fine little day which gives an insight into Beatrice Alemagna's inspirations and creative world.
Hope you get as much pleasure as I have looking at this very talented artist and author.

To see past books of the week put the kettle on then click here!


  1. thanks for sharing those lovely books. I will deffo try and get hold of My Friend. I love those illustrations as much as Skyla.

  2. Beatrice's work is gorgeous and intelligent. A favourite too :)


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