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I've been creatively packing for my trip to Marrakesh tomorrow. I can't believe I'm going! I'm going with my friend Al, we booked it last summer after a glass or too of the vino and whiz it's here!

Can't believe!

We wanted to do something special together to celebrate turning 40, then we said "sod it, why wait till we're 40!"
So it's a pre 40th celebration by a year and a and the half's important!

Sonny suggested I take his laser gun to protect me from baddies when he's not around, aaw bless, but I haven't packed it, didn't think it would go down well in my luggage at the airport!
But, I do have my passport!, pencil case and new sketch book. so hopefully I will get inspired in what's supposed to be a beautiful inspiring city, and hopefully I'll be able to show you what's created from it in future creative spaces!

I'm sooooo giddy can't wait!

Will bore you with photo's when I get back Monday.
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  1. have a fabulous time sounds like an amazing time is to be had!

  2. What an adventure! Have an utterly brilliant time.

  3. Now that is my kind of Creative Space! Can I carry your bags???? Have a great time :-)

  4. Sounds fab, wish I could come!

  5. Have a FAB time!!!!! Lucky lucky you!!! xx

  6. OHHH I am so wishing I was going too. I even just love the name Marrakesh and have been in love with it after reading a book all about it years ago! Happy safe travels, come home with lots of photo's.


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