A lovely parcel arrived in the post yesterday from the talented Zebedee, who is Print maker Zoe Badger.
She creates beautiful hand pressed lino cuts, building the images up in layers of colour.
Having had a brief go at lino cutting myself I know how hard it is to produce a single colour lino print and thinking in negative, let alone 4 and 5 colour prints! So talented,

My Mum loved the seed heads print,

and I treated myself to the wonderful Urbanity (it reminds me of New York)

Zoe's use of colour, pattern and line, and the gorgeous effects the medium produces creates such beautiful prints as
Harbour Life,

Seed Bloom

Arched Flora

See more of Zoe's wonderful work at her Folksy shop
and her Etsy shop, enjoy!

Have a fab Friday and weekend, and if you like Mumford & Sons check out this Radio 1 live lounge of the The Cave, enjoy!


  1. These are wonderful - Ill have to follow up that link :)
    Thanks for your message - very much appreciated.

  2. Lovely prints Lisa.I think the harbour front one is my fave because that is ideally where I would love to live.... watching fishing boats bob up and down.


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