Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week...

Edward's First day at School by Rosemary Wells, published by Walker Books, is part of a series ( Edward the unready) of books for little ones about not being quite ready for situations away from mum and dad. What's lovely about these books is they give a strong message of it's ok not to be ready for the change because everyone is ready at different times. There can be a lot of pressure on little ones to fit in and school can seem a scary place!

Sonny loves this book even though he is now very settled in nursery and he really related to little Edward.

We love studying the illustrations, and sonny recognised they were the same style as Max and Ruby and Timothy goes to school, which he sometimes watches on Nick Jr.

Rosemary Wells is a classic children's book illustrator whose work is beautifully stylised, it has a warm and gentle humour which my children love. It's amazing how much work she has done in her career and the style and subject matter never seems to date.
Check out more at Rosemary Wells website, lots of inspiration for illustrators, wonderful!

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  1. We love her books - some of her earlier ones are really quite off-beat - have you seen the "Stanley and Rhoda" series?

  2. We too love Rosemary's books, Yoko is one of our top 10! And the kids (I) loved the Max and Ruby animated series!
    P.S. I am loving your newest prints very much!


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