full of the joys of spring!!

We had a great time at the Jorvik centre and at the Dig!

York is so beautiful and steeped in History. Sonny loved being a Viking, and the high light was seeing the oldest ever recovered human poo that was in the Guinness book of records and been photographed with Prince Charles...twice! It doesn't get better than that! Especially when the kids heard this poo was mainly bread because the person who did it had worms and couldn't stop eating! nice .

Happy St Davids day!
And happy start of Spring, YES!!!
The first words you're supposed to say as soon as you wake up are "white rabbits, white rabbits white rabbits" for good luck....mine were "ooooo just ten more minutes" as my alarm went off, then "Bum, I didn't say white rabbits" to then hear " white rabbits, white rabbits, whites rabbits, there, I got the luck for us now go back to sleep for 10!"
This 1st spring morning is beautiful, fresh and sunny.

And has made me raring to go for a wonderful creative happy week!


  1. Happy first day of spring - white rabbits and all...
    Heard about the Yorvik centre reopening after its facelift - hadn't heard about the poo though. Miles would have loved that. Must try and go this summer when we're back in Yorks. Been to the Royal Armoury , that's good too.

  2. Lovely photos - particularly the little Viking!
    Doesn't the snow on the hills look great - as long as it stays up there!!
    O's birthday but his first words were white rabbits too!!!! xx

  3. Oooh I love York. Your photo's are lovely. I could so live in England for a while - the seasons are so distinct. It's the first day of Autumn here - my second favourite season (after Spring). Enjoy! Nic

  4. The poo is popular with my two as well.. te he! Rooting around in the finds is great fun at DIG... Glad the weather held up for you over here. I was rushing around between Saturday school and Youth Theatre, new trainers for one, finding that the Disney Store was out of Puffles (ask the daughter!) for the other.. I was sure glad to get home! ;)

    Love the pics of your part of the country... what a view! x Happy Springtime!

  5. You have the best view from your house Lisa. Love that picture. The sun has been trying to shine through my dirty windows.... i must give them a clean to benefit from the lovely weather we have all been waiting for.
    The Jorvik centre sounds great.

  6. You have an awesome view - I wouldn't get anything done if that was out my window!


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