Happy Monday...

Ahhh weekends just fly by so quick before we're back to happy Monday!

We had an ace time on our be-lated wedding anniversary child free break!
Manchester's a great city, 
we did a bit of shopping...

called into Octopus...

 and Habitat,

and we didn't get too trunk at  Wagamama or Hard rock cafe. ( Where we sat near a picture of my music husband Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys....perfect!)

And after 'Totally' ruining Sonny's life, he wasn't too cross with us.... 
what do you think?....

Eeeee, nothing a tube of smarties can't cure!!
Thanks to Mum & Dad for looking after Lil, Sonny & Sky and thanks Chris for a fab weekend!
Hope you had a great one too!


  1. Happy Anniversary! As a Manc lass I have fond memories of the city and love getting up there from time to time- not nearly enough though. Christmas is always about last minute shopping in St Ann's Square and the ridiculous inflatable santa on top of the town hall!! x


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