I've just been searching through my photo archives for some work I photographed ages ago and came across this.

This is my Sonny sat in a swing four and a half years ago. We never saw his top lip until he was around two, always had a really big bottom lip but no top!
 He never complained, always happy to go anywhere, do anything, deep in thought ... with his bottom lip out.
I've just cried laughing at this little clip, my kids make me soooo incredibly happy...... there's a few tears there for time flying by so quickly, I watch this and I feel a little robbed.
OK soppy moment over, just wanted to share because it made me so happy to find it :)
(Sorry for sounding like a duck or an old drain when laughing!!)


  1. i love this photo. you can tell hes working out the square footage of the playground. bright as a .button. love g didi

  2. Oh the bottom lip! Too cute.

    I must watch some footage of Isla as a baby. I think I can do it now without feeling too traumatised (she was - and sometimes still is at age 3 - a VERY screamy baby!)


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