Wish list...

...at Anthropologie, (sigh, swoon, sign again)

Stacked Paperback Wallpaper

Good Evening Dinner Plate by Nathalie Lete

Luscious Langoustine Dinner Plate by Nathalie Lete

Kimono Cuts Cushion

Climbing Vines Rug

Lucky Number Knob, Yellow.

I think everyone should have a lucky number knob in their life... especially in yellow!


  1. LOVE Anthropolgie, I was just eyeing up the lucky no knob the other day ;) Could spend a fortune!

  2. You are my total hero. I just *today* bought a brilliant little vintagey officey chest of drawers with knackered knobs. You've just taken me to knob heaven. OK, I'll stop now...

    Have you seen the little ceramic bird one too? Thunk.


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