Off to school....

Well, that's the last! 
Officially off to school, a bit of a mile stone passed really.
Sonny said he felt a bit shy, but was excited to see his friends and learn to read! Fab!

This was Sonny's school shoes this morning... not new, I haven't had time for the annual shoe shop foot measuring event yet, plan to go on Saturday... but they don't look too scuffed! 

This was Sky's shoes three years ago on the first day of school, which I painted and is now up on the wall of my studio, 

EEEEeeeeee how fast does the time fly! They're growing sooooooo fast.... and that means I'm getting older fast too! I was shocked on holiday that in-between my laughter lines ( we don't say wrinkles ) was white where the sun hadn't tanned!! Oooo That's a first!...I was just really happy and smiley that's all...

Anyways, Sonny went into his classroom fine sat in the circle turned around and gave me a bid thumbs up, lovely.


  1. Oh it's a little bit bitter sweet when the last wee one takes those fist steps into the big world, but very exciting times too. Love your painting really beautiful and meaningful. x

  2. Lovely painting - and also love your banana decoration - might try that tomorrow!

  3. ahh..what a lovely idea-a message on a narna!
    hope they had a great time back at school today ;0) can't believe the hols are over already! x

  4. hope Sonny had a lovely day at school. Me and Dave will totally miss him as hes such a delightful little boy.HAPPY DAYS. LOVE G AND G DIDI

  5. Ah thanx mum he'll miss you too... especially the cottage pie and football :) XXXX

  6. I hope you were brave until you got outside! My youngest rushed into the school system without a backward glance, eager to catch up with the eldest.....I had a little tear tho :-)


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