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In-beween my jollies I nipped into the WYPW to reprint Dreamer in Bubble gum pink as suggested to me by the lovely Carly  ( Big thank you Carly for showing my Piggy back print!!) at Nest Studios and Umbrella Prints, and this was the result...

So today, as I dream about being back on my jollies - although it's been a smashing sunny day here today! I've been busy sorting out and listing the screen prints into my shop.

 This Dreamer print was based on my sleepy Sky, who loves to curl up and sleep at every opportunity!
Here she is on holiday with Sonny curled up behind her!!

I Originally did the print in a golden yellow colour ( So if your not a pinky girly girl then there's a choice of yellow too)

It's been a slow start to my first day back in my creative space. Getting back into gear and switching off holiday mode. 
But I think when the kids go back to school tomorrow and I'm up making pack-up's, sorting shoes, coats bags and early breakfasts I'll be soon back to speed!
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