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I've been asked to teach a self portrait class up at Lil, Sonny & Sky's school. 
I've never actually done a self portrait (don't like the idea of studying my face too much... although I could use artistic licence and rub out a few laughter lines!) 
So I've been prepping for the class.

I've drawn portrait's of Lil & Sky but none of Sonny. 
So, yesterday afternoon after being inspired by a friends husband who'd drawn a gorgeous portrait of his daughter Cecilia, I started this portrait of Sonny from a black and white photo I have.
 I forgot how addictive it is, I didn't want to stop once I'd started!

I build up the colour and shade using cross hatching and use Berol Karisma/Prisma color pencils which have an oily base to them rather than a chalky one, so are easy to blend. 

I like the texture that cross hatching gives an image.

and this is the finished portrait, finished at half ten last night in between, putting a wash on making the tea, bathing and bedtime routine!
I'm going to call this portrait 'Penny for them'

It's very different from the screen printed style of 'Piggy back' which is based on me and Sonny. 
( I have to piggy back Son up the apples and pears to bed every night!)

The next portrait I draw of Sonny is going to be more cheeky and capture some of that Sonny mischievousness and energy!
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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Just wanted to say how beautiful the portrait of Sonny is, you're a clever girl. I look at your site weekly, it's good to catch up with what you're up to!!!
    Your friend,

  2. A wonderful drawing Lisa. You should take commissions, now that you've got all that free time on your hands during the day!

  3. Wow! What an amazing drawing. I love both your styles!
    Love the expression on Sonny's face looking down at his portrait.

  4. Dear Lisa you are so talented the portrait is amazing .
    i'm sure you will do Sonny vivid and full of joy the next time , this time is classic !!

  5. The portrait is amazing - what lucky children to have you coming to teach them! The photos of you and Sonny are gorgeous too.

  6. It's so amazing to see your talent shine through in a completely different style. You are exceptionally talented! xx

  7. blimey Lisa, you're so brilliant at what you do.I'll never forget the day you gave me that portrait of myself, all those years ago. I'd love one of the boys, just dont think I can afford you!

    See you fri mate xx


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