Head in the clouds...

I think I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that the holidays are over!
We took these photo's from the airplane, oooo how wonderful the clouds look.

I keep day dreaming about the hol's and wishing I was still swimming in the sea till the sun goes down,

flying kites around the back of the house,

or driving through the Lake district.

All good things come to an end as that 'ole (annoying) saying goes...
but as one door closes another one opens! (a more up beat 'ole saying that I much prefer!)

So as Mondays door opens, it's all good,
I've been featured on this Etsy treasury,

and I've listed another fabric art in my Folksy shop

and now I'll remove my head from the clouds and crack on with a bit of work!
have a productive creative Monday!


  1. LOVE the cloud photos - looks like the ocean!
    The Treasury is really sweet - makes me feel like hugging someone!
    You fabric art as ever is GORGEOUS! Have a great Monday and don't worry about the hols being over - Christmas is coming!!!!!! x

  2. I love looking at the blanket of clouds as you pass over it in a plane too! They look so deceptively soft and wonderful! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday - there's always next holidays! Adore your pieces too!


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