It's only blooomin Friday!...

It's been a busy 'ole week!

I'm teaching another portrait class this afternoon, then that's me done work wise for the week!
Then it's glad rags on and out on a 'Mums' night out!,  then tomorrow after football and swimming (not me, Sonny & Sky!)  Chris and I are escaping to Manchester! for a whole weekend to ourselves!!

Sonny's not too pleased about this, he says it's 'Totally' not fair and that we're 'Totally' not thinking about him! and that we're 'ruining his life!!'
So there's a 'Totally' total ban on watching any American teen programme's on Nickelodeon now!

Sonny sleeps with me and Chris every night, he starts in his own bed and then appears as if my magic in between us both by morning snuggled up with a big sleepy smile on his face! and it's been like this since we moved him from cot to bed!!.... this weekend's going to be different!

All have a wonderful weekend, and try not to totally ruin anybodies life... like we are!!
Enjoy the lovely tune by Lenka in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, 'Jump in the Pool'
Have good one!


  1. Ha ha!! I hope you have a TOTALLY brilliant time! Enjoy your child free time! YOu deserve it! xx

  2. ENJOY your time with the Chris ,,, from time to time we do need it ! charg up as much as you both can


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